Vaccination: Protecting your Baby from the Beginning

Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect pregnant women, infants, and toddlers from vaccine-preventable diseases, which can be especially dangerous to them.

To educate parents about the importance of vaccination, WIN has developed an initiative called Vaccination: Protecting your Baby from the Beginning. As part of this initiative we have created a DVD and a provider tootlkit with printable patient education materials, which cover:

  • Maternal vaccination

  • Vaccination of close contacts of infants

  • Early childhood vaccination

The video is approximately 9 minutes in length and features two West Virginia healthcare providers. It is great for use in childbirth and new parent classes, waiting and exam rooms, and other locations. The printed materials, along with links to other helpful websites for providers, are also available for download below.

DVDs can be ordered, free of charge, by contacting the WIN Program Manager.

Please join us in this effort to protect pregnant women, infants and toddlers from vaccine-preventable diseases. For more information about Vaccination: Protecting your Baby from the Beginning or about WIN and its work, please contact WIN. Thank you for all that you do to improve the health of pregnant women and children in West Virginia!

Support for this initiative was provided by grants from the EQT Foundation and JBS International.


Toolkit Materials and Resources

Maternal Vaccination

Title (linked)
WIN Patient Handout Vaccination: A Two for One Benefit
CDC Weblink Get Vaccinated While Pregnant
CDC Patient Handout Immunization & Pregnancy
CDC Patient Handout Immunization and Pregnancy (with vaccine table)
CDC Patient Handout  What You Need to Know about Pregnancy and Vaccines
CDC 8.5x11" Poster Whooping Cough is Spreading In Your Community
CDC Patient Handout You Can Start Protecting Your Baby from Whooping Cough Before Birth
CDC 8.5x11" Poster Protect Your Baby from the Start
CDC 8.5x11" Poster Protect Your Baby Starting with Her First Breath
CDC Provider Handout Provide the Best Prenatal Care to Prevent Pertussis
CDC Provider Handout Making a Strong Vaccine Referral to Pregnant Women
CDC Provider CEU Opportunity Coughing Up The Facts on Pertussis (46:21 minutes)
CDC Video Protect Yourself, Protect Your Baby
ACOG Provider Handout Immunization Coding for Obstetricians-Gynecologists
ACOG Provider Handout Immunization Coding: Quick Glance Guide
ACOG Provider Handout Tdap Toolkit (includes Tdap Committee Opinion, Patient FAQs, Provider FAQs, and a Physician Script and Coding Guide)
ACOG Provider Handout Influenza Immunization During Pregnancy toolkit (includes Committee Opinion, Patient FAQs, Provider FAQs, Physician Script and Coding Guide)
IAC Patient Handout Vaccinations for Pregnant Women
NVAC Provider Information The National Advisory Committee: Reducing Patient and Provider Barriers to Maternal Immunizations
CDC  8.5x11" Poster  Whooping Cough Vaccine: Protect your baby from the start
CDC Provider Information

Standards for Adult Immunization Practice

Vaccination of close contacts of infants

Title (linked)
WIN Patient Handout Vaccination of Close Contacts of Infants
CDC Infographic Protect Babies from Whooping Cough Infographic
California Department of Health Services Patient Handout Grandparents: Protect Yourself and Your Grandbaby from Whooping Cough
CHOP VEC Patient Handout Vaccines and Adults
CDC Immunization Schedule (Easy to Read)  Immunization Schedules for Adults
WIN Video Whooping Cough: Natalie's Story (60 second spot)
CDC Provider Information Standards for Adult Immunization Practice

Early childhood vaccination

Title (linked)
WIN Patient Handout

Vaccinations for Your Baby

CDC  8.5x11" Poster  Looking for trusted information about vaccinating your child?
CDC  8.5x11" Poster  Stop serious diseases in their tracks like you do your curious explorer.
CDC  8.5x11" Poster  Help him fight measles with the most powerful defense.
CDC  8.5x11" Poster  In the battle against whooping cough, she needs more than cute.
CDC  Provider Handout Talking with Parents about Vaccines for Infants
CDC  Patient Handout If You Choose Not to Vaccinate Your Child, Understand the
Risks and Responsibilities
CDC Patient Handout Infant Immunization FAQ
CDC  Patient Handouts Understanding Vaccines and Vaccine Safety
CDC  Immunization Schedule (Easy to Read) Recommended Immunizations for Children (Birth through 6 years)
CDC  Vaccine Information Statements Multi-, Routine-, & Non-Routine-Vaccine VISs
IAC Provider Toolkit Give birth to the end of Hep B
CHOP VEC Patient Handouts Recommended Immunization Schedule; Facts about Childhood Vaccines; Too Many Vaccines, etc.
CHOP VEC Kids Coloring and Activity Book My Vaccine Activity Book

Printed materials may also be ordered free of charge on the CDC's website.
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